Our Mission To Justice for Michael Nida II

Friday, June 29, 2012


What type of cold, thoughtless, heartless, inhumane, disgusting and soulless type of creature must you be,

To selfishly, full of pride, anger, incompassion, and hallucinogenic power beyond all authority,

Rip a Sweet Son, Hard Working Husband and Dedic
ated Daddy from his Precious Family!?

Who gave you the right to take innocent , priceless, lives of God's creation into your very own simple and meaningless hands,

When it is to Our Sovereign Lord, Almighty God, alone, to which Judgement and Justice ALONE stands.

Two Mother's and Father's with no son to kiss on his forehead, say goodnight to and wish sweet dreams,

A wife longing for his companionship and partnership in life, raising their beautiful family together, with all the lasting joy and adventure it brings,

Innocent children robbed and left with only memories of the loving Father they used to know,

Yet your cold hearts, incompassion, disregard, imagined impunity and ways of injustice, to them you continue to show.

You took him away, ending his life, without a thought, of him being an endearing, needed, wanted and meaningful human being,

Instead you took matters into your own unjustified and unworthy hands, acting out of anger and your sorry, wounded puffed up pride it seems.

So many other lives also stolen by your department, yet swiftly swept under the eyes of your "precious community",

Yet, with Michael Forever Alive in our hearts, we will continue to stand with pride and loud voices on the corners of your streets, protesting and demanding justice and honor in his memory,

We are the many voices, loud and clear, of those whose lives you stole and so sadly silenced, by your lack of training, good judgement and sensibility.

Our lives have changed, never to return to the former way of things and for this you are responsible,

God be with us and keep us strong throughout this fight for Micheal's Justice, for you will be held accountable!

Brought forward as a murderer , turned over, to be punished according to your horrendous crimes,

Either way, it is God's will and it shall be done in his own due time!