Our Mission To Justice for Michael Nida II

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today was my baby Michael's birthday, he would have been 33 today....(Mikey's Mom, Jean Thaxton)

Today was my baby Michael's birthday, he would have been 33 today....I remember the day when he was born.....He was a little Muay Thai boxer even at his time of birth....he kicked so hard (Muay Thai), while Maritza was in labor and delivery that the bag of waters burst, and splashed all over the doctor and nurse's face and front of their clothes.....at the time, Maritza was embarrassed and I thought it was funny. Now we can laugh about it! Wish you were still with us Michael...doing your Muay Thai dance!!! We love you and miss you so much, I cry every day because you are gone! I cry for the injustice of your death.....if only we can use your death to show and prove how changes must be made to make life more fair for the loved ones of people who's lives were stolen by unskilled, untrained, inept and criminal cops!!!

*Happy Birthday Mikey* We Love & Miss you! Gone, but Never forgotten & Forever in our hearts...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Police officer cleared in Micheal Nida shooting

Police officer cleared in Michael Nida shooting | TheDowneyPatriot.com

The above article was released on October 23, 2012. The very next day after Mikey's family, friends and loved ones, had gathered together once again at his memorial site, to honor and remember him, on the year anniversary of his death... The day his life was stolen by Officer Steven Gilley.

As heartless and disgusting as this is, it was not unexpected. There has always been hope that the DA would see the truth of this horrific crime committed by Gilley and decide accordingly. However, to no surprise, but to much of our dismay, another Officer of the law has been cleared and given a free pass, after murdering an Innocent, Unarmed, Loving Father of 4, Husband, Son and Friend.... IN THE BACK, WITH AN MP5 MACHINE GUN, IN COLD BLOOD!!

JUSTIFIED! Or so they may believe...But it is definitely not so in God's eyes!

Our fight for Mikey's Justice is far from over and we will continue to fight until it has been realized. There will be a court date coming up early 2013, which is only a few months away and a civil trial to follow! Protests every Saturday on Imperial Hwy. and Paramount Blvd., at Mikey's memorial site In Downey, from 2:30pm - 4:30pm, Downey City Council meetings every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month, at 7:30pm, spreading the word far and wide in all ways possible, as much as possible! Oh yes! This is far from over!

In the words of one of  the many loving members of Kelly's Army and fellow member of Nida's Rydas, Marlena Serpico Carrillo:


One Love,

Nida's Rydas

Monday, October 22, 2012

OCTOBER 22, 2012

It has been one year today, since Michael Lee Nida II was taken from his loving family and friends.

Many gathered together tonight, for a Candlelight Vigil, in his Honor and Loving Memory, at the very place where his life was stolen, on the night of October 22, 2011.

Beautiful memories were shared aloud, by Mikey's family, friends and loved ones. Mikey's son shared jokes he had been told by his dad and spoke of how he was his hero and how much he loved him.

Cherished childhood memories were shared by one of Mikey's Mothers, Jean Thaxton, one of his brothers, Greg Thaxton and by his sisters, Terri Thaxton-Teramura and Susan Leigh Thaxton, about the funny, silly and sometimes painful, lol, times they shared as they grew up together. A beautiful, heartfelt prayer was said by Mikey's sister Terri, then followed by everyone singing Happy Birthday to Mikey and raising their candles high, wishing him a Happy Birthday in Heaven!

He was truly loved so...much and he will continue to be, forever more! R.I.P. Sweet Angel Michael! Gone, But Never Forgotten.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Liberty And Justice For All.....

In the heartfelt words of one of Michael's closest Childhood Friends &  Nida's Rydas Family Member, Damion Ramirez:

"On October 22, 2011, my childhood friend Mikey Nida was murdered by the downey police, shot in the back while running away. As this anniversary, (of his death), relentlessly approaches, I have to wonder what would have become of us if not for the genuine love and support we have recieved from fellow survivors in our struggle. Nothing I can see happening tomorrow is worth the fracture of this sheltering unity we have cultivated with unconditional love in the harshest, most desolate of environments. I will NOT protest against any of my family; instead I will encourage peace, communication, and cooperation in the name of LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL."

Please join us Monday, October 22, 2012 on the corner of Paramount Blvd. & Imperial Hwy. @ Mikey's Memorial site.
(Facebook Event Page)

It will be one whole year since Michael's life was stolen by Officer Steven Gilley of the Downey PD, yet Michael's family, loved ones and dear friends have yet to receive any information regarding the outcome of the investigation on his murder.

Despite their disgusting neglect, we have faith that Justice For Mikey will prevail and we will NEVER cease, still or give up in our fight for just that! JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL LEE NIDA II.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Brief Documentary On Micheal Nida II's Murder. The Murderer, "Officer" Gilley returns to work??!

Since when is there a supposed "ongoing investigation" being conducted by the Sheriff's Department and the officer who has been placed on paid administrative leave, pending that investigation, then allowed to come back to work in an "administrative" position?! Not to mention, without the family even being made aware of such pertinent information!?

 Apparently since now! Officer Steven Gilley of the Downey Police Department, the officer who murdered Micheal Nida II on the night of October 22, 2011, has been allowed to come back to work in the office in an administrative position for now.

One of the most interesting things about this, is that the Downey City Council members have stated from the beginning, that they cannot comment or speak out about Michael's case, (besides the casual, brief, emotionless and passive statements they have issued to the city and press), due to the "ongoing investigation". However, they can allow the murdering officer back to work in the department and give him a different job title temporarily during the "ongoing investigation"? How does that make sense?! It doesn't.

This makes it appear as if they have already made their decision on the investigation, justifying Michael's murder in some far fetched, unimaginable way and just have not released the outcome to the family yet, just as they have already allowed Gilley back to work in the office, without Michael's family even knowing. This is absolutely sickening! Is this the message they want to send to the parents and children of their community? That a badge is a license for murder? That our children should only fear police, instead of looking to them for protection and to uphold justice in the community as they have sworn to? 

This is the exact message they are sending and we as Nida's Rydas will continue to send our own message as well!! We will not stand for such injustice in ANY of our communities!! Our families, children and their futures deserve so... much more and we will continue to fight for just that! 

The civil trial date for Michael Nida II has been set for May 7, 2013. In the meantime we will be at every Downey City Council meeting, (the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month @) 7:30 p.m. 11111 Brookshire Avenue  Downey, CA 90241, please come and show your support), just as we have been from the very beginning, fighting for Michael's Justice! We will also continue to be out there on the streets of Downey, every Saturday afternoon, from 2:30p.m. - 4:30p.m. on Imperial and Paramount Blvd. in the city of Downey, CA, at Michael's memorial site, making all passersby aware of the horrendous crime that was commited against Michael Nida II, by Officer Steven Gilley of the Downey Police Department.  

We will also continue to strengthen, support and unite with our brothers and sisters in various neighboring cities and throughout the world who are suffering and struggling through the same injustice of having their loved ones lives stolen, by use of excessive/lethal force, police brutality and murder by police officers. The Anaheim CruZaders, in support of Ceasar Cruz and Manuel Diaz, and Kelly's Army, in support of Kelly Thomas are just a couple of the groups in our extended family, who continue to support us, as we do them on our like mission to justice for our loved ones lost. 

We will never stop, simply because we cannot stop until Justice has been served and as it is God's will.....no matter how long the road to achieve it, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!

One Love! Nida's Rydas

Thursday, July 26, 2012

An extremely sobering and Important message from an attendee of the Anaheim Protest on Tuesday, Ryan Moore...

Let me make something crystal clear. I am a peaceful protester and me and my friends try to keep the peace and dissuade others from vandalism and violence from within the front lines of these protests and actions. We stand, firm with the families and friends and feel strongly that they should not have to go through this alone and that only through peaceful direct action will their voices be heard...While we cannot control what everyone does at these protests, we do our best, as do many others. Our primary concern is that murder goes punished, especially when its a cop and the families get some kind of justice. I implore you, reader to go about this peacefully and look at how easily the police turned a couple of kids throwing bottles into a riot. If we do this right we just might have a shot at making a huge difference. I understand the frustration but they know how to deal with riots, they even got gear for it, what they don't understand or know how to deal with is non-violence and humor." J.L.

I am proud to stand by you all as we demand justice.

"I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could." M.G.

Expect us...

Friday, June 29, 2012


What type of cold, thoughtless, heartless, inhumane, disgusting and soulless type of creature must you be,

To selfishly, full of pride, anger, incompassion, and hallucinogenic power beyond all authority,

Rip a Sweet Son, Hard Working Husband and Dedic
ated Daddy from his Precious Family!?

Who gave you the right to take innocent , priceless, lives of God's creation into your very own simple and meaningless hands,

When it is to Our Sovereign Lord, Almighty God, alone, to which Judgement and Justice ALONE stands.

Two Mother's and Father's with no son to kiss on his forehead, say goodnight to and wish sweet dreams,

A wife longing for his companionship and partnership in life, raising their beautiful family together, with all the lasting joy and adventure it brings,

Innocent children robbed and left with only memories of the loving Father they used to know,

Yet your cold hearts, incompassion, disregard, imagined impunity and ways of injustice, to them you continue to show.

You took him away, ending his life, without a thought, of him being an endearing, needed, wanted and meaningful human being,

Instead you took matters into your own unjustified and unworthy hands, acting out of anger and your sorry, wounded puffed up pride it seems.

So many other lives also stolen by your department, yet swiftly swept under the eyes of your "precious community",

Yet, with Michael Forever Alive in our hearts, we will continue to stand with pride and loud voices on the corners of your streets, protesting and demanding justice and honor in his memory,

We are the many voices, loud and clear, of those whose lives you stole and so sadly silenced, by your lack of training, good judgement and sensibility.

Our lives have changed, never to return to the former way of things and for this you are responsible,

God be with us and keep us strong throughout this fight for Micheal's Justice, for you will be held accountable!

Brought forward as a murderer , turned over, to be punished according to your horrendous crimes,

Either way, it is God's will and it shall be done in his own due time!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Michael's murderer "Officer" Steve Gilley in action...

Michael's murderer "Officer" Steve Gilley in action...arresting Miguel Macias using excessive force. This "Officer" clearly has some sick issues and needs to be removed from the police force and put in jail where he belongs, until he is tried for Michael's murder!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Downey Police Department's Lack of Training

I’d like to address the issue of Downey police department’s lack of training, or improper training. Having lived in Downey for decades, I’ve witnessed first hand officers respond to situations with utter disregard for its citizens rights. Unlawful detention, threats, and intimidation. These are not the tools of public servants. These are the methods of thugs using their position of authority to oppress this community.

I had the opportunity to view the video of officer gilley using excessive force against Miguel Macias. I encourage every one of you on the council to review this video, for it is undeniable evidence that your officers need better training. Mr. Macias was totally compliant to this officer’s orders, yet he is tackled from behind, thrown to the ground, and after he is handcuffed, he is aggressively choked. Is this how your officers are trained to respond to a traffic stop?

I would certainly like to think that there are just a few bad apples on the force that are ruining the rest of this department. And if that is the case, they need to be rounded up quickly and removed from our streets. You need to shed your protections and pretenses about how the police department operates.

Also, Downey police department’s unwritten policy of how officers make complaints of misconduct of their fellow officers or supervisors is totally inadequate. Reporting to your commanding officer and letting the complaint flow up the chain of command is pretty useless. What if the misconduct and corruption is coming from the top tiers? This ideology only promotes the protection of the offenders. Officers need to be able to make anonymous complaints of misconduct so they are not subject to reprisal.       

I hope you are all opening, your eyes, hearts, and minds. You have the opportunity to make some positive changes in Downey. Instead of looking at the situation through your egos, you need to create something new filtered through your own consciences. Using your available personnel and resources to establish some programs and policies that will actually benefit this community.

Your silence and inaction only demonstrates a virulence and contempt for those seeking reform. We are not seeking vengeance here, we are asking for you to recognize this problem, and work for a solution. Your citizens should not live in fear, your officers should not be afraid to speak their minds, and this council should not shirk their responsibility to ensure that Downey is a safe place for everyone to live.

 Lauren Bautistas of Nida’s Rydas

Thursday, February 16, 2012



In Loving Memory Of & Dedicated To Michael Lee Nida
... & The Nida-Thaxton Families
(Written By L.M. of Nida's Rydas 10/27/2011)

Dear Mikey,
You were ours to cherish here on earth,
Though for such a short time,

All those with whom you came in contact,
Thought God having shared you,
So tremendously kind.

Dear Mikey,
You were a very loving Father of 4 precious children,
A Husband to a beautiful Wife of many years,

Starting out so young,
Yet holding it down,
Never anticipating or needing any applause or cheers.

Dear Mikey,
You were also a Son, a Brother, an Uncle, a Cousin, a Nephew,
A Coach, a Companion and Dear Friend,

Your love and genuine acts of kindness towards others,
Had no boundaries,
Saw no end.

Dear Mikey,
You were truly one of a kind,
There could never be another one,

I pray God help and forgive them,
For they know not what they've done.

Sleep in peace now Dear Mikey,
For you will live happily and gracefully,
Amongst your fellow Guardian Angels,
Watching cautiously and lovingly over your family,
Friends and loved ones,

Cheering us on when we make you proud,
Or giving us an extra little push for motivation,
When the time comes.

You'll shine your Big Beautiful Smile down upon us,
Helping us to give whatever it may be our very best,
Ever keeping our days so... Bright,

Our very own Guardian Angel Mikey,
The one with the Huge Heart,
Unforgettable Laugh,
And Halo slightly tilted to the right.

Dear Mikey,
We will one day meet again,
But with tears of joy,
No longer those of sorrow,
Such as the day from us you went,

But in Heaven up above,
Where you must have had to return,
To do BIG things,
For you were truly Heaven sent.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Coroner’s report: Nida was shot twice in the back

The city of Downey has been HIDING behind a LIE for FOUR MONTHS now!!! Regardless of the status of any pending litigation, the city has an OBLIGATION to the SURVIVING FAMILY MEMBERS of the INNOCENT MAN MURDERED in their city by THEIR INCOMPETENT COPS. That MURDERING, POOR EXCUSE for a REAL officer of the law,  STEVE GILLEY has the benefit of ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE, so he can still recieve all the PSYCHIATRIC ASSISTANCE his health care provides, meanwhile, MICHAEL'S WIFE AND CHILDREN have still not been extended any kind of assistance AT ALL from the CITY COUNCIL who has KNOWN ALL ALONG that Michael was SHOT IN THE BACK! WHAT THE HELL IS REALLY GOING ON!!?

You can view the full article at the following link: Coroner’s report: Nida was shot twice in the back Feb. 13, 2012 by Ben Baeder

They have shed INNOCENT blood...AGAIN!! They have stolen Mikey's precious life and ROBBED 2 mothers and fathers of their SON, a wife of her HUSBAND, 4 beautiful children of their FATHER and so many other friends and loved ones, now without Mikey in their lives FOREVER!!

JUSTICE MUST  BE SERVED AND "OFFICER" STEVEN GILLEY IS GUILTY! There is no reason in this world that he should not be tried for his CRIME against Michael! He CHOSE to shoot Michael in the back as he fled in fear for his life. Cowardly shooting an unarmed, Innocent man in the back, as a "TRAINED" police officer, when Michael was no threat to them, himself or anyone else around, was MURDER!! Therefore, THE MURDERER MUST BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!!

A March and Rally for Michael Nida II

We had our very first march and rally for Michael on 01/28/2012.  We met at his memorial on Paramount Blvd. & Imperial Hwy at 12:00p.m. and the supporters just kept pouring in!

Douglas Kauffman of The Answer Coalition, did such an Awesome job of organizing everything and helping us spread the word far and wide
. We were such a diverse group of people! So many different nationalities, from all walks of life, from babies and young children being pushed along in strollers and pulled in wagons, to older ones, who were determined to be there no matter what, being escorted along the way in wheelchairs. We even had supporters marching on their paws, wearing their signs!  We were all there to represent one love for Michael and to show Downey PD and the Downey City Council, that we will no longer tolerate their silence, ignorance or neglect on this pressing matter! We demand Justice for Michael!

Before our March began, we had a rally, where Douglas Kauffman, Jubilee Shine, Damion Ramirez and a few others spoke out and led us all in a few chants for Michael's and Steven Bours' stolen lives and our mission to achieve justice for them.  Then with motivated hearts, anxious feet, signs held high and firmly in hand, we began our march.

Our March began on the corner of Paramount Blvd. and Imperial Hwy  and as soon as we crossed over Imperial Hwy, we took over the streets and chants of: "Who's streets.... Our streets", began, loud and clear!  Even a great number of passersby in their vehicles showed such a great amount of support, by honking their horns and shouting in support of our mission to justice for Mikey.

There were two Downey Police vehicles following us with loud speakers, telling us to move out of the streets, onto the sidewalks. However, we continued to march on steadily, as we all chanted in unison: "Downey PD...you are guilty"!  At best the Downey PD kind of ended up serving as traffic control for us, which is the very least they could have done.

So, we continued our marching and chanting, along with tons of supporters still honking and shouting from their vehicles, all the way down Paramount Blvd., up to Firestone Blvd. and up to Brookshire Avenue, where we then made a left to reach our rally destination...The Downey Police Station.

As we approached our destination,  with our heads held high, pride and Mikey in our hearts, we continued to chant as loud as we could: "Lock up Gilley, (the officer who murdered Michael), and throw away the key"!  As well as, "What do we want?....JUSTICE!  When do we want it?...NOW"! 

Then we arrived and had an absolutely amazing rally, right there in front of the Downey Police Station! Douglas Kauffman, as well as other awesome supporters from The Answer Coalition, various other coalitions and organizations spoke there, along with Michael's Mom's, Jean Thaxton and Maritza Odell and Michael's sisters, Terri Thaxton-Teramura and Susan Thaxton, accompanied by Michael's Dad, Jerry Thaxton and Michael's two brothers, Jerry Thaxton II and Greg Thaxton, who thanked everyone from the bottom of their hearts for coming out and showing their support.

It was such a beautiful thing to see so many people unselfishly take the time out of their own busy lives, to come and show support for Michael and his family and further strengthen and solidify their and our hope and resolve that no matter how long the road to justice for Michael Nida may be, we will walk a steady, straight path on that road and continue on it, undeterred, to it's end and beyond.

We love you Michael!
More photos available here: More pics..