Our Mission To Justice for Michael Nida II

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Brief Documentary On Micheal Nida II's Murder. The Murderer, "Officer" Gilley returns to work??!

Since when is there a supposed "ongoing investigation" being conducted by the Sheriff's Department and the officer who has been placed on paid administrative leave, pending that investigation, then allowed to come back to work in an "administrative" position?! Not to mention, without the family even being made aware of such pertinent information!?

 Apparently since now! Officer Steven Gilley of the Downey Police Department, the officer who murdered Micheal Nida II on the night of October 22, 2011, has been allowed to come back to work in the office in an administrative position for now.

One of the most interesting things about this, is that the Downey City Council members have stated from the beginning, that they cannot comment or speak out about Michael's case, (besides the casual, brief, emotionless and passive statements they have issued to the city and press), due to the "ongoing investigation". However, they can allow the murdering officer back to work in the department and give him a different job title temporarily during the "ongoing investigation"? How does that make sense?! It doesn't.

This makes it appear as if they have already made their decision on the investigation, justifying Michael's murder in some far fetched, unimaginable way and just have not released the outcome to the family yet, just as they have already allowed Gilley back to work in the office, without Michael's family even knowing. This is absolutely sickening! Is this the message they want to send to the parents and children of their community? That a badge is a license for murder? That our children should only fear police, instead of looking to them for protection and to uphold justice in the community as they have sworn to? 

This is the exact message they are sending and we as Nida's Rydas will continue to send our own message as well!! We will not stand for such injustice in ANY of our communities!! Our families, children and their futures deserve so... much more and we will continue to fight for just that! 

The civil trial date for Michael Nida II has been set for May 7, 2013. In the meantime we will be at every Downey City Council meeting, (the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month @) 7:30 p.m. 11111 Brookshire Avenue  Downey, CA 90241, please come and show your support), just as we have been from the very beginning, fighting for Michael's Justice! We will also continue to be out there on the streets of Downey, every Saturday afternoon, from 2:30p.m. - 4:30p.m. on Imperial and Paramount Blvd. in the city of Downey, CA, at Michael's memorial site, making all passersby aware of the horrendous crime that was commited against Michael Nida II, by Officer Steven Gilley of the Downey Police Department.  

We will also continue to strengthen, support and unite with our brothers and sisters in various neighboring cities and throughout the world who are suffering and struggling through the same injustice of having their loved ones lives stolen, by use of excessive/lethal force, police brutality and murder by police officers. The Anaheim CruZaders, in support of Ceasar Cruz and Manuel Diaz, and Kelly's Army, in support of Kelly Thomas are just a couple of the groups in our extended family, who continue to support us, as we do them on our like mission to justice for our loved ones lost. 

We will never stop, simply because we cannot stop until Justice has been served and as it is God's will.....no matter how long the road to achieve it, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!

One Love! Nida's Rydas