Our Mission To Justice for Michael Nida II

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today was my baby Michael's birthday, he would have been 33 today....(Mikey's Mom, Jean Thaxton)

Today was my baby Michael's birthday, he would have been 33 today....I remember the day when he was born.....He was a little Muay Thai boxer even at his time of birth....he kicked so hard (Muay Thai), while Maritza was in labor and delivery that the bag of waters burst, and splashed all over the doctor and nurse's face and front of their clothes.....at the time, Maritza was embarrassed and I thought it was funny. Now we can laugh about it! Wish you were still with us Michael...doing your Muay Thai dance!!! We love you and miss you so much, I cry every day because you are gone! I cry for the injustice of your death.....if only we can use your death to show and prove how changes must be made to make life more fair for the loved ones of people who's lives were stolen by unskilled, untrained, inept and criminal cops!!!

*Happy Birthday Mikey* We Love & Miss you! Gone, but Never forgotten & Forever in our hearts...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Police officer cleared in Micheal Nida shooting

Police officer cleared in Michael Nida shooting | TheDowneyPatriot.com

The above article was released on October 23, 2012. The very next day after Mikey's family, friends and loved ones, had gathered together once again at his memorial site, to honor and remember him, on the year anniversary of his death... The day his life was stolen by Officer Steven Gilley.

As heartless and disgusting as this is, it was not unexpected. There has always been hope that the DA would see the truth of this horrific crime committed by Gilley and decide accordingly. However, to no surprise, but to much of our dismay, another Officer of the law has been cleared and given a free pass, after murdering an Innocent, Unarmed, Loving Father of 4, Husband, Son and Friend.... IN THE BACK, WITH AN MP5 MACHINE GUN, IN COLD BLOOD!!

JUSTIFIED! Or so they may believe...But it is definitely not so in God's eyes!

Our fight for Mikey's Justice is far from over and we will continue to fight until it has been realized. There will be a court date coming up early 2013, which is only a few months away and a civil trial to follow! Protests every Saturday on Imperial Hwy. and Paramount Blvd., at Mikey's memorial site In Downey, from 2:30pm - 4:30pm, Downey City Council meetings every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month, at 7:30pm, spreading the word far and wide in all ways possible, as much as possible! Oh yes! This is far from over!

In the words of one of  the many loving members of Kelly's Army and fellow member of Nida's Rydas, Marlena Serpico Carrillo:


One Love,

Nida's Rydas

Monday, October 22, 2012

OCTOBER 22, 2012

It has been one year today, since Michael Lee Nida II was taken from his loving family and friends.

Many gathered together tonight, for a Candlelight Vigil, in his Honor and Loving Memory, at the very place where his life was stolen, on the night of October 22, 2011.

Beautiful memories were shared aloud, by Mikey's family, friends and loved ones. Mikey's son shared jokes he had been told by his dad and spoke of how he was his hero and how much he loved him.

Cherished childhood memories were shared by one of Mikey's Mothers, Jean Thaxton, one of his brothers, Greg Thaxton and by his sisters, Terri Thaxton-Teramura and Susan Leigh Thaxton, about the funny, silly and sometimes painful, lol, times they shared as they grew up together. A beautiful, heartfelt prayer was said by Mikey's sister Terri, then followed by everyone singing Happy Birthday to Mikey and raising their candles high, wishing him a Happy Birthday in Heaven!

He was truly loved so...much and he will continue to be, forever more! R.I.P. Sweet Angel Michael! Gone, But Never Forgotten.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Liberty And Justice For All.....

In the heartfelt words of one of Michael's closest Childhood Friends &  Nida's Rydas Family Member, Damion Ramirez:

"On October 22, 2011, my childhood friend Mikey Nida was murdered by the downey police, shot in the back while running away. As this anniversary, (of his death), relentlessly approaches, I have to wonder what would have become of us if not for the genuine love and support we have recieved from fellow survivors in our struggle. Nothing I can see happening tomorrow is worth the fracture of this sheltering unity we have cultivated with unconditional love in the harshest, most desolate of environments. I will NOT protest against any of my family; instead I will encourage peace, communication, and cooperation in the name of LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL."

Please join us Monday, October 22, 2012 on the corner of Paramount Blvd. & Imperial Hwy. @ Mikey's Memorial site.
(Facebook Event Page)

It will be one whole year since Michael's life was stolen by Officer Steven Gilley of the Downey PD, yet Michael's family, loved ones and dear friends have yet to receive any information regarding the outcome of the investigation on his murder.

Despite their disgusting neglect, we have faith that Justice For Mikey will prevail and we will NEVER cease, still or give up in our fight for just that! JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL LEE NIDA II.